Rob McInroy

Crime Fiction Writer

Writer of the Bob Kelty series, set in Perth, Scotland, from the 1930s to the 2010s





"highly recommended"

Val McDermid

"dark, thrilling and sinister"

CL Taylor


Cathi Unsworth


Rob McInroy writes the Bob Kelty series of historical novels spanning the 1930s to the 2010s

Based on true crimes in Perth in 1935, when Danny Kerrigan was shot dead and Marjory Fenwick raped on the Cuddies Strip on the outskirts of Perth.


Featuring young detective, Bob Kelty, Cuddies Strip covers the fourteen days of investigation and subsequent six days of trial, exposing the misogyny of the times and its impact on the justice system.

Bob Kelty, now resigned from the police, is drawn into another brutal crime when an aged recluse is murdered in his bed.

Set against the backdrop of the abdication crisis in 1936, Barossa Street examines the prejudices of 1930s society.



A prequel to the Bob Kelty series appears in New Writing Scotland 39, featuring Bob as a young child in rural Perthshire.

Nineteen-year-old Kentucky-born Ash Harker arrives in Crieff at Christmas, 1984. She has a secret, her mother's diary from 1963, which seems to suggest her father was someone she met in Crieff that summer.

Determined to uncover the secrets of her past, Ash unravels the truth.

Cloudland is an unpublished novel. Editors or publishers interested in reading more are requested to contact the author.

Rob McInroy runs a writing blog where he posts reviews of current and literary fiction.

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